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100% recyclable paper!

The same rigidity, thickness and sleek look and feel.


Send better mail, with love.

Join more than 7 thousand businesses that have used Wowcards to design and mail $1 billion in promotional gift cards.

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Wowcards drive store traffic


We deliver higher average sales, more frequent customer visits, new customers through word of mouth, and hugs (sometimes).

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In the time it takes you to read this caption, many of our customers can design and approve a campaign.

Your bottom line is our top priority

Your bottom line is our top priority

Promotional gift card campaigns motivate customers to visit your store, encouraging them to spend more, and visit more often.

Love your customers. It pays!

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Probability of selling to a new prospect: 5-20%. Probability of selling to an existing customer: 60-70%. Love your customers. They return. Smile. Repeat.

Why it works, in 1 word …

How it works

A powerful gift offer on our patented mailer makes your customer feel special. It’s called love. Gifts make people feel good, including the giver.

Price per card

Price includes printing, addressing, postage, and delivery to USPS. Orders in by Wednesday 8:00 p.m. ET can mail the next Monday or any Monday thereafter.

All accounts get 50 free wowcards per month (68¢ mailing only). Free cards include a wowcards ad.