We would love to be your mail partner*

*Top 3 qualities we seek in partners: a solid business, a sound mind, a cooperative spirit.

Wowcards is Different

Wowcards is different

Most direct mail companies take no responsibility for what happens once mail pieces are delivered. Wowcards is different. We put great customer experience – including positive results – first.

Other companies print promotional gift cards. We are not a printer. We are a direct mail marketing partner with our own production facility. We produce cards, but we provide something much more valuable: direct mail marketing automation and expertise.

Our number 1 goal is to make everybody we touch more loving: businesses, consumers, and our team. Our number 2 goal is to make money.


We invented the card mailer

Wowcards is a direct mail marketing pioneer. Our patented mailer integrates a thick postcard, a perforated gift card, and online ordering automation that gives businesses of all sizes the capability to create professional direct mail campaigns in minutes.

USPS Approved

United States Postal Service embraces Wowcards

Wowcards wrote the book on card mailers. The U.S. Postal Service’s official mail bible, the Domestic Mail Manual, was changed in 2007 to accommodate Wowcards, the first rounded-corner card in USPS history.

Customers Large And Small

Our customers are large and small

Wowcards helps brands of any size simplify their direct mail marketing and maximize the marketing return on investment at a national, regional, or local level. Leading brands have utilized Wowcards to drive marketing engagement and outperform traditional direct mail solutions.

Diverse People

Our people are diverse

Wowcards brings together a diverse group of skilled innovators with a commitment to positive communication. We love leveraging tools to help our customers market like pros without the expensive learning curve. Call on us to promote your business. Count on us to do it right.

Love Based Strategy

Our strategy is love-based

Purpose: Making direct mail fruitful and stress-free for businesses and consumers.
Mission: Increase gift giving.
Vision: More loving store visits.
Values: Innovation, Giving, Loving customer experience, Effectiveness, Expertise

South Florida

Our offices are located in South Florida

Wowcards has production facilities and offices in Oakland, CA and Delray Beach, Florida.